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Anita Caress   Studio 12   8705 Rio Grande Blvd. NW

email Anita   (505) 385-1235

“Collectable, yet Practical Glass Art”

Anita Caress is an Albuquerque-based artist producing collectable art in both fused and hand-blown glass media.   Her art is inspired first by the expansive beauty that abounds in our New Mexico mountains, deserts, canyons, and skies.  She is equally inspired by the folk art of other cultures and countries.   She expertly melds these two principal inspirations to fashion collectable art with many of her pieces being equally practical in home or office. In 2014, Anita attended Pilchuck Glass School near Seattle, WA. She is continuing her development of glass blowing techniques with the internationally esteemed glass artist, Elodie Holmes, Liquid Light Glass, Santa Fe, NM.