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Ann Pisto      Guest at Studio #11      5808 Tinnin Road NW

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Ann Pisto grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As a child, she loved to draw and spent much of her time doing just that, when not in school.  She continued to draw over the years and recently had the opportunity to follow her dream to become an oil painter.  After taking her first painting class at the New Mexico Art League, she knew that her life was about to change and become the most fulfilling time of her journey.  She has had the opportunity to learn from such New Mexico artists as Waid Griffin, Cynthia Rowland, MJ Manford, Vasili Katakis, and Tom Blazier.  These artists and her family have been a large part of her realizing her dream.

“I love the whole process of creating a work of art.  It is a sense of adventure and a never ending journey.  Choosing the subject matter, whether it is an item for a still life or a location for a landscape is the first step in this process, then deciding on the light source or time of day that will make the painting come alive, and then creating that sense of space within the confines of my canvas. I always hope that what I am painting will speak to someone who is observing it, make them feel that they are a part of the painting or that it will stir up an emotion inside of them.”