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Elaine Biery    Studio #11    5808 Tinnin Rd. NW

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Elaine Biery grew up on a small farm in Perry, Iowa. As a young child, she spent her time from morning to evening running through the creeks and cornfields of the countryside. Her childhood days inspired her love of art. Her respect and love of nature is reflected in her work.
When moving to New Mexico as a young adult, her interest in clay became apparent. Passing through a pottery studio at the University of New Mexico, she was mesmerized by a woman throwing a tall vase on a wheel. In just three upward pulls, she created a vase. Seeing the spinning ball of clay surrounded by a pair of hands was all that it took. From that point on, she was hooked.
Exploring Indian ruins in New Mexico has greatly influenced her work. She became interested in the images of the rock art designs as a way of connecting with our ancient ancestors. These ancient rock galleries provide an eloquent window to the past. Her pots and bowls are one with the tradition and spirit of the great Southwest. In 2003, there was a large fire in the bosque along the Rio Grande river not very far from Elaine’s house. The fire destroyed acres of cottonwoods along the river. Inspiration came from the charred remains of those magnificent trees. Thus, was born the “bosque bowls.” These are large bowls with cottonwood trees carved along the rim of the bowl. ln 2004, Elaine exhibited her first bosque bowl in the Celebration of Clay in Albuquerque and won “Best of Show”. In 2010, she won “Best of Show” in the Los Ranchos Studio Tour with one of her bosque bowls.
Walking along the ditch banks in the North Valley of Albuquerque with its surrounding landscapes and wildlife has influenced her work. Ravens seem to be appearing on more and more of her pots.
Elaine enjoys working with contrasting textures and various glazes on her hand built and wheel thrown pieces. The use of crystalline glazes are her newest adventure. Elaine’s journey will continue . . . “there is so much more to learn”.