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Jackie Raye    Guest at Studio #1   1019 Guadalupe Court NW         email Jackie Raye      (505) 463-3431

Jackie Raye began her art career at the age of six with crayon drawings of her sister and anything else that would sit still long enough.  She majored in art at Concordia College to become an art teacher.  Due to the quirks in life, she ended up at the University of Oregon, where she studied Russian artists, icons, 17th century Russian church architecture and Russian language.  A mere 3 hours short of her art degree, Jackie Raye graduated with a degree in Russian Studies and worked in European Embassies for many years.  These years were not wasted. Jackie developed her artistic vision and sense of color while she soaked up the centuries of art found in both cosmopolitan and rural sites. No less inspiring was a decade of travel on the back roads of our own beautiful states.  Her sketchbook remained close at hand. Jackie Raye has lived in NM for the past 15 years.  Several years ago, she learned that her birth mother gave her the middle name “Raye.”  This is how Jackie Raye now signs her paintings. As you peruse her paintings, take a minute to read the special Bible verse which is carefully matched to each completed painting — they are part of the painting’s story.