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Ric Speed     Guest at Studio #8   7115 Guadalupe Trail NW     email Ric     (505) 610-6804 

My artistic approach is to visualize the world through photography but then augment it with digital resources to make it unique. From kachinas who jump out of the picture in colors unimagined by their indigenous creators to women and men encapsulated in concrete portraits under bridges in Paris and above windows along the Champs-Élysées… my art is to take the mundane and significantly pristine world and enhance it with digital media to bring into it color and being that only technology can manifest. Currently, I work with landscapes of the Southwest, fractals created by numerical recursion, forms created by waves in the canals of Venice, noses of horses and other worldly phenomena that only my eyes can see. Then, I bring them to life for my patrons to appreciate.