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Sarah Sadler  Guest at Studio #4   8301 4th Street NW #11    Sadler Pottery on Facebook   email Sarah      (505) 804-1923

Every living thing is a vessel, from a single cell on up, made up of water and stardust.  Adaptation and evolution have designed the way we and other living things reach toward resources and respond to gravity, the environment we live in, in essence, nature itself.

My vessels are experiments in recreating those curves, those responses to nature.  Not in any direct representational way, but in the arch of a tree branch, opening of a flower, the ropy muscle of a human arm, the strength and weight of a horse’s leg.

While curves and form are what I want to express most importantly, the surface of my pieces are almost always raw clay body with a bit of glaze, kind of a way of showing my work, laying my choices bare to the viewer.  They also reflect my values of using minimal firing resources, by using earthenware and mid-range clays and single-firing when possible.