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Carol Lopez, Galeria de Sueños    

Studio #4    805 Los Prados de Guadalupe NW   email Carol    (575) 523-0731

After working with several different mediums for many years, I discovered encaustic techniques and the beeswax medium in 1994 which became a new beginning for my work.  The opportunity to experiment with, and redevelop a unique, ancient technique fulfilled my interest in the historical aspects of art, which led to a long journey of discovery.  Since that time, I have painted using only beeswax as a medium because the medium and technique provided me the freedom to express my perceptions of the surrealistic aspects of life and nature.  My work ranges from abstract and surrealistic presentations to representational art such as landscapes, seascapes, and still life paintings.

My hope is that my work conveys to the viewer the mystical aspects of this medium.