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Cynthia Welch   Studio #10  8301 4th Street NW #11     Cynthia Wister email    (505) 792-8974

I strive to keep my work fresh and spontaneous, responding to the life force that I feel in Nature. My paintings refer to what is going on in a brief moment of time in a particular place. I find a natural locale that inspires me, and build up layers of color and complexity until the essence of the scene takes shape. The underlying structure of the landscape and the impressionistic play of reflected light on water also interests me.

I majored in painting at The Rhode Island School of Design, and the emphasis on drawing at RISD has stayed with me my entire career. My large oil paintings, often framing the landscape as a view through the branches of trees, include North Valley acequias,  the Bosque del Apache, the Sandias, and the Grand Canyon, where my artist husband, David, and I love to combine painting and birding. My smaller still-life watercolors and oils strive for colorful, light-filled compositions that capture the freshness of the subject matter.