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Fran Black

Studio #11   119 Ortega Road NW      email Fran       (505) 944-6153

Folk art has always been an interest of mine and I started a collection many years ago. After dabbling in beadwork, embroidery, sewing, crocheting and other crafts I went on a studio tour in northern New Mexico and entered a gallery with some very intriguing figures hanging on the walls. I inquired about classes and three years later I was notified of an upcoming class. As I created my first ethnic character I felt myself transported to this very quiet, calm and confident place and I knew that my own artistic expression had been born. Representing a wide variety of cultures from around the world, the folk art figures and masks I create are constructed from sticks, stuffed with polyester fiberfill, wrapped with scraps of cloth and then dressed and adorned with handmade ceramic faces, exquisite textiles and jewelry from around the world, as well as found objects. The masks are designed from ceramic and embellished similarly. The style of clothing depicted is traditional day-to-day or ceremonial dress. Often the textiles utilized are from the culture being represented; however, I find that there are a lot similarities between textiles from different environments and so I can often interchange textiles and still give the impression of a particular culture. It is my aspiration that as you observe these folk art figures you are transported to a variety of diverse and enchanting cultures.