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Jane Chevalier   Studio #11   119 Ortega Road NW

Etsy Shop faberjaneeggspysanky       (505) 859-9124

Any artist will tell you the end result of their craft makes the process worthwhile. The ancient Ukrainian art of Pysanka touches me that way. This passion was born and first captured my heart in 1989. Through the years, I have won numerous awards and taught countless workshops. As I watch others embrace this ancient art form, I am pleased to know that future generations will continue to be enriched with the Pysanka tradition that originated over 2100 years ago.

Traditional designs are common, but I am a modern artist and prefer creating my own. I begin with a pencil drawing on graph paper. The design is transferred to my canvas. It might be an oversized ostrich egg, goose egg or tiny quail egg. As I create designs by apply alternating layers of hot beeswax and dye, each piece becomes an expression of myself, my environment, and those I love and cherish.

After the final dyes have been applied and the last coat of wax has been removed it’s often breathtaking and always gratifying. The smell of hot beeswax lingers, colorful dye stains and clutter remain, but it’s all lost to me until I come up for air. I am inspired by how many variations of one design can lead to the creation of a new series. I’ve got another inspired design on the drawing board that needs to be started right now. Until then, my studio will remain a beautiful mess.