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Janet Bothne   Studio #3   6601 4th Street NW   email    (310) 666-1944

I have been passionate about the power of color throughout my life, calling it my “natural anti-depressant.”

A Gallery owner once told me I was having a “love affair with paint”.

So many days immersed in paint—on my clothes, on my skin, under my nails.  Years go by as I watch other artists jump happily from one discipline to another but I’m still entranced, still infected.  I’m not having an affair—paint is my true love.

As the paint on my palette changes depending on time, humidity or other environmental factors, I get a sense that it’s alive. My goal is to transfer that life onto the canvases I create.

Working with saturated color and stretching the palette to ‘louder’ brights and playful metallics has been my most recent challenge.

Taming intense color is a limited proposition. I put aside what I think I know and allow myself to become a conduit for this ancient primal force. Uncertainty leads to awe as I relinquish control and tap into color’s pulse, speed and vibrating musicality –the frustrated musician within me playing notes of pigment with my brush.