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Lannie Alexander   Guest at Studio #12   433 El Dorado Drive NW     email Lannie    (505) 255-4023

As a child I was blessed to be surrounded by quality art.  My mother was an art teacher and art collector.  I was exposed to abstract paintings and sculptures long before that type of art came into vogue.  Denver public schools always had strong art programs so I was able to take classes from elementary school on….often every day. Being a shy student, it felt good to excel in the subject and in turn I decided to become an art teacher myself.  Though I’m now retired from teaching, I continue to delight in taking art classes and workshops .

My inspiration sources are many. A few examples would be the Asian art I was exposed to early in life, my own world travels, my fascination with the human figure which you will often find in my work.

I love letting the creative journey take me where it does…..often not knowing at the beginning where it will end.