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IMG_3768_edit_125I grew up in southern California. There were wide open spaces where a young girl with an adventurous spirit could roam and bike ride in the hills, orange groves and country roads. Since then, I have been drawn to the outdoors and nature.

In 1995 I accepted a one-year contract to work in an Albuquerque, New Mexico hospital as a registered nurse on a travel assignment. Once again the wide open spaces, vivid blue sky and amazing vistas touched my spirit. When I wasn’t working in the emergency room I was skiing, hiking, and exploring new places so one year turned into 20 years and I still marvel at the beauty all around me.

I have always loved glass. I love the fluidity, translucency, colors and beauty of glass. I find it fascinating. I decided to study kiln-fired glass. It has become my passion.

Initially, I enrolled in a class from UNM on the basics of fusing glass. Thereafter I took advanced workshops, and bought kilns. I read a lot of books on the technique and art of fusing. I study them and try everything I like.
Fusing my own designs is what I enjoy. My teaching/working studio is now in the North Valley and contains two kilns, and cold working equipment.

I’m now fully retired from nursing (after 34 years), and am fully enjoying my new full-time career as a glass artist and doing shows in New Mexico, Colorado and California.