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Lynda Liptak, Llamas del Sol    

Studio #13    605 El Dorado Dr.  NW

Llamas del Sol website   email   (505) 453-1740


Lynda Liptak is the owner of Llamas del Sol (Llamas of the Sun), a small llama rescue farm, who volunteers for Southwest Llama Rescue and the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association. She fosters, hosts, trains, handles and coordinates adoptions and re-homings. Most of her pieces have 100% natural fiber – no color dyes or chemicals in processing. Everything is made with locally grown fiber – handmade from beginning to end: the shearing, carding, cleaning, spinning, and finally the felting, weaving, or knitting. All animals are handled and sheared with kindness and respect. The fiber comes from rescue llamas and alpacas that are cared for by Lynda or her rescue associates. Your purchase will support the llama and alpaca rescue efforts.