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Victoria Mlady   Guest at Studio #11    119 Ortega Road NW     (505) 610-7054

Nature, with its remarkable color offerings in any season, inspires me. I deliberately push the subjects of my photography into brightly colored or abstracted realms to go “above and beyond what is” as a statement of sorts. The environments we create for ourselves mold us and shape us powerfully! Therefore, I am thoughtful about what I place around me. Color in my space influences my emotional well-being and encourages me to go out into the world and try to do good things. Because color directly contributes to well-being, I play with it in a no-holds-barred fashion in my art, hoping it will help other people feel good when it’s hung in their spaces, too.

I use software tools to digitally manipulate, enhance, rework or otherwise alter the subject. I rely on intuition and a keen appreciation for composition, light and design constructs to guide the process. After the rework is complete, I print the resulting image using the highest quality archival pigment inks, large-format printers and fine art substrates. Much of my work is designed for larger scale installation, thereby offering a greater dramatic impact in a room.

I live in the North Valley with my husband and son and take care of a farm full of charming animals. I am passionate about art, designing living spaces, reading, animal rescue, cooking plant-based meals, growing perennials and composting.

I enjoy looking for and bringing out the best in all things and while doing so I actively promote peace, love and COLOR!